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Information about the FEZ "Brest"

"Brest" Free Economic Zone set up in 1996 is today one of the most attractive investment platforms of the Republic of Belarus.

The unique geographical position, the special legal regime, the available tax, customs and administrative privileges create exclusively favorable conditions for organizing your business activities in the "Brest" FEZ.

The FEZ territory (about 8000 hectares ) possesses a well-developed engineering-transport infrastructure, and it is suitable for practically any manufacturing process. For potential residents there are spare land parcels for construction, and also a choice of premises for rent with the possibility of their future purchasing.

The companies operating in the "Brest" FEZ produce more than 1000 articles of industrial goods and products including: electrical engineering articles, equipment to paint on the road marking elements, paints and lacquers, gas and electric stoves, furniture, sea food, meats and sausages, confectionery, etc.

Welcome to the "Brest" FEZ, a unique place where it is possible to organise innovative, competitive manufacture in the shortest time, to expand commodity markets and to strengthen your business considerably.

"Brest" Free Economic Zone is your «Territory of New Opportunities».

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Contacts: "Brest" FEZ Administration Office
23, Kommunistitcheskaya Str.
224030 Brest, Republic of Belarus,
Tel: +375 (0) 162 - 20-46-31, - 23-80-94,
Fax: +375 (0) 162 - 20-08-83
E-mail: :
Герб Брестской области