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Frontier regime softened

From February 5th  start functioning  new Regulations on the order of frontier regime on the territory of Belarus, on the regime at passing points through the state border affirmed by the regulation of the Ministry Council from January 22nd  2009 № 70. The regulations specify definite questions of entry, temporal stay and movements of civilians in frontier region and also the order of crossing of the state border.  

It is necessary to remind you that at the end of the previous year by the regulation of Brest executive deputy council at the border with Poland and the Ukraine were remarkably reduced the borders of frontier zone. If previously in some parts of Pruzany region the frontier zone was up to 40 kilometers nowadays it is not more than  15. Along Brest region this distance was reduced to not more than  3-4 kilometers. In the structure of frontier zone are included only territories of rural and country councils directly adjoined to the State border and separate inhabited points.

The order of entrance of frontier zone was also simplified. At present days the passes that were previously distributed by the organs of internal affairs are not required. The citizens of Belarus, foreigners, physical persons without citizenship permanently living in our country can enter frontier zone on the basis of a document confirming one’s personality (passport, residence permit). In some cases foreigners and physical persons without citizenship enter frontier zone by means of a document confirming their personality and a pass that is provided by the frontier committee or a frontier brigade and a commandment’s office on the ground of a statement and a document confirming the purpose of such an entry.

On March 9th of the running year the President signed Decree № 125 that foresees the possibility of entry and stay in the frontier zone to some categories of citizens without paying state duty. After presenting service certificates in the frontier zone enter some officials of governmental administration, members of law enforcement and control branches, chairpersons of rural executive committees, deputies of local Deputy councils. Also in this category are included also military men, judicial executors, members of organizations realizing and controlling international traffic operations as well as republican or realizing the reconstruction and construction of railroads and motorways situated in the frontier zone, water tracts, oil- and gas pipelines, repairing transport vehicles in the frontier zone, emergency teams, drivers in the period of executing their work duties with the presence of traveling list.

Apart from passport for the entrance into the frontier zone it is possible to present the certificate of the participant of Great World War II, business trip certificate verified by the signature of an official with the imprint of heraldic   seal, lists of the group of citizens sent for the work in agricultural enterprises as well as enterprises of seasonal river business, for the execution of construction, prospecting and other work, the lists of under age children going to the camps and other children establishments and also the lists of citizens who own hunting guns, valid for one occasion hunting permits, vouchers for paid amateur fishing.

By the administrative legislation is stated responsibility for the violations in the frontier sphere (articles 23.29-23.32 and 23.55)that contain sufficiently serious measures of penalty sanctions from  10 to 100 base primary amount depending on the type of violation and also deportation of foreigners and physical faces without citizenship.

  • Regional newspaper “Vechernij Brest”
  • Герб Брестской области