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There has been altered the scheme of importing meat from European union to Russian federation across Belarus

The new scheme of importing meat to Russia From Europe was brought into action from March 1st.

According to Rosselhadzor from March 1st and till special decree the scheme of importing meat to Russia from Europe has been optimized, veterinary control has been brought on the border of Union State.

The basic change concerns the passing points situated on the outer border of Belarus with countries of European union. Now at these points will be controlled the quality of imported goods and monitoring of correspondence to Russian veterinary-sanitary requirements. "So, the control on the quality of meat imported to Russia is brought on the outer border of Union state", - explained to "Interfax" the representative of Rosselhoz nadzor.

The service reported that delivery of imported meat and meat raw materials by auto transport to the regions of Russian federation (apart from those situated in the northern-western federal okrug) is allowed through the pass points "Troebortnoe" and "Pogar" situated on Russian- Ukrainian part of state border of Russian federation as well as through control pass points of Belarus situated on its outer border with the countries of European union ("Kozlovichi", "Bruzgi", "Privalka", "Stone ravine ", "Kotlovka").

Through these Belarusian control pass points is allowed delivery of meat and meat raw materials from Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia),as well as from Sweden, Norwegian and Finland. Apart from these points deliveries from these countries can be realized through Russian control points "Ubylinka", "Shumilkino", "Burachki", "Torfyanovka", "Brusnichnoe", "Svetogorsk", "Ivangorod", "Borisoglebsk".

Rosselhoxnadzor specified that the units of imported meat and meat raw materials brought by transportation across the territory of Belarus and meant for the Russian market are to be brought to delivery points of complete custom registration with marks of passing border veterinary control at mentioned control pass points.

The deliveries of meat from European countries to the regions situated in western federal okrug should be made through Russian control pass points "Ubilinka", "Shumilkino", "Burachki", "Torfyanovka", "Brusnichnoe ", "Svetogorsk", "Ivangorod", "Borisoglebsk".
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