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Creation of the Internet-site in Russian and English languages

On September 30, 2010 in Brest was finished realization of the project «Assistance to the development of transfrontier cooperation between Euroregions of Belarus by means of creation and further administration of the Internet-site», supported by «Fund Eurasia» at the expense of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and on affairs of Commonwealth realm of Great Britain, as well as the Agency of the USA on the International Development.

Within the bounds of the above-named project the Internet-site in Russian and English languages was created.

On this site you са n find the following information:

• about project
• contacts of the bureaus of Euroregions «Belovezhskaya pushcha», «Ozerny kray», «Bug», « Dnieper », « Niemen »
• description of Euroregions of Belarus
• regulatory system of the Republic of Belarus , regulating the activity of the projects (programmes) of international technical assistance
• announcements about contests of projects by Programmes EU
• useful links
• news of Euroregions
• heading « Question-answer »

Internet-site is accompanied by Establishment «Brest Transborder Info Centre» (information updating, answers to questions, support of the site in an actual state).

Address of Brest Transborder Info Centre:

Brest , Sovetskaya str., 46
phone: +375 162 21-00-58, 21-19-88
fax: +375 162 21-60-95

The developers of the Site are confident that creation of a single information portal for Belarusian Euroregions will favour to the involvement of great number of organizations and people in the process of projects' preparation by international programmes of technical assistance for solution of social and economic problems of the regions.

Transborder Info Centre (TRIC Brest)
Герб Брестской области