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About conference in Lyublin

On the 9th of November in Lyublin was held the conference on the theme «Export – Import – Cooperation – Belarus – Poland - 2010», which was organized by Lyublin Business Club with the participation and assistance of the Consulate of Belarus in Bela Podlyaska.

The conference was attended by the vice-marshal of Lublin province Marek Flasinskiy, diplomats of the Consulate of Belarus in Warsaw and Poland in Minsk. The delegation of Brest region was represented by the heads of the economics committee of Regional Executive Committee, department of the chamber of commerce and industry, customs, centre of standardization and certification, representatives of the bank, who made statements.

From the Polish side the conference was attended by the heads of the same structures, representatives of the business. In their statements they marked their interest in the development of relations with partners from Belarus and called on the representatives of Polish business to active cooperation.

The participants of the conference represented information about the Belarusian-Polish cooperation in economy, culture and other spheres. The conditions and opportunities for expanding trade and economic cooperation between enterprises of the region were discussed. Considerable attention was given to contacts of business circles.

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