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Conditions of financial help granting for workplaces creation

Employers creating workplaces can take financial help from means of the state fund of employment assistance in the form of interest-free repayable loan.

Financial help can be given on the following obligatory terms:
  • workplaces are created on the basis of decisions of local executive and administrative bodies or according to the special state programs;
  • citizens having status of the unemployed are placing in created workplaces on directions of placement service;
  • employer must have no debts on obligatory insurance payments in the state fund of employment assistance and must fulfill requirements of the Law "About population employment in the Republic of Belarus".
The primary right to receive financial support is given to employers in the regions with more high level of unemployment, and also for employment of the citizens not capable to compete on equal terms on a labor market. By decision-making about rendering assistance is taken into account the influence of help on population employment and economic indices of regions.

Financial help can be used for purchasing, installation and engineering setup, special equipment and appliances, purchasing of necessary raw material and materials for work of this equipment. Amount of payment is fixed according to the technical-economic basis, taking into consideration the state of a labor market in the region, expediency of workplaces creation and cannot exceed 10 000 minimal wages. The granting term of means is until 18 months, but for all that the terms of workplaces creation cannot exceed 12 months from the moment of getting money resources.

For getting financial help an employer applies to the placement service.

The list of the documents necessary for participation in the competition:
  1. Application.
  2. Business - plan which contains:
    • characteristic of industrial activity and strategy of enterprise development;
    • production description;
    • analysis of markets, strategy of marketing;
    • production plan;
    • investment plan;
    • ground for the financial help; the period on which the help is necessary, its amount;
    • concrete use of the financial help; (on a separate sheet);
    • specificity of created workplaces;
    • number of workers, which employment will be provided on created workplaces;
    • professional requirements necessary for workers on created workplaces;
    • planned average wages;
    • monthly schedule of bringing workplaces; (on a separate sheet);
    • protection of labor and safety measures;
    • economic substantiation of repayment;
    • schedule of repayment; (on a separate sheet).
  3. Balance sheet for the last year and the last balance of the current year;
  4. Bank information about financial condition of the enterprise;
  5. Information about average workers number on the date of address for financial help, about average wages, certified by statistics bodies;
  6. Information of the Taxation Committee about payment obligatory insurance payments in the state fund of employment assistance for the 12-month’s period preceding the address for financial help;
  7. If there is an organization of a new kind of industrial activity - the sanction (license) to its realization;
  8. Guarantee of repayment;
  9. Conclusion of placement centre about expediency of workplaces creation;
  10. Company rules.
All documents showed by the employer must be signed by the head, the chief accountant and certified of the employer.
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