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Theatres and Professional Art. Cinema

Public Institution «Brest drama theatre»

(224005 Brest, Lenina Str., 21).
Tel.: +375 162 23-27-73; fax: +375 162 26 64 40;

Director and Art Manager: Kozak Aleksandr Aleksandrovich. Tel.: +375 162 23-27-73.

The theatre was opened on October, 1, 1944 by the Decision of the Council of people’s commissars BSSR as the State Youth Russian Dramatic Theatre in the name of Lenin Komsomol of Belarus. The first Art Manager of the theatre was the Producer Nikolay Mitskevich. Their first season the theatre presented the first night performance «Game of love and chance» by P. Marivo.

At 1995 was finished reconstruction of the theatre building (picture), at the same time the philharmonic orchestra of Culture Department was passed to the theatre and since then the theatre was called Drama and Music Theatre. The renovated theatre presented the first night performance «Phigaros’ Marriage» by O.-K. Bomarshe.

Now the theatre has 2 halls, a big (on 520 seats) and a small hall (on 70 seats). The repertoire of the theatre includes 25 plays for adults and 5 plays for children. Besides, 5 plays have been put for the small stage. These are “Solomeya Rusetskaya” by S. Kovalev, “Ladies and Hussars” by A. Fredro, “Old Women Got Married” by F. Bulyakov, “French Passions on a Dacha near Moscow” by L. Razumovskaya, “A Night Visit” by A.Dudarev. There are new plays at the repertoire: “Inspection” by N.Gogol, “Love cross”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Night visit”, “Confusion of class “Lux”. There are fairy tales for small children: “Piglet Knok” by M.Warfolomeyev, “Birthday of cat Leopold” by A. Hayt, “Zayka-Zaznayka” by S. Mihalkov and etc. at the repertoire.

The troupe consists of different generation of artists; some of them worked still the theatre opening. On the stage work such artists as Sergey Evdoshenko, Konstantin Perepelitsa, Viktor Mikhaylov, Mikhail Metlitskiy, Tamara Levchuk, Sergey Petkevich, Tatyana Yurik and also talented youth – Viktor Piskun, Natalya Lobko, Aleksey Scherbakov, Oksana Loydova, Olga Zhuk and many other people.

Now at the theatre work 5 artists, who have honorary title: honored artist of the RB Sergey Evdoshenko, honored artist of the RB Konstantin Perepelitsa, honored artist of the RB Gennadiy Tokarev, honored artist of Uzbekistan Vera Davydenko, honored worker of arts of the RB Aleksandr Kozak.

At 2004 Brest Drama and Music Theatre celebrated their 60-years anniversary and at February 2005 to the Brest Drama and Music Theatre was given the rank “Honorary Collective of the Republic of Belarus”.

Public Institution «Brest Puppet Theatre»

(224030 Brest, 56 Partizanskij avenue)

Director and Art Manager: Shavel Mikhail Aleksandrovich. Tel.: +375 162 41-42-85.

Present repertoire of the theatre includes about 30 plays for children of different ages, as well as for family audience. These are “Brother Donkey” by S. Kovalev, “Ryhorka, Clear Starlet” by A. Vertinski, “Little Red Riding Hood” by S. Yefremov and S. Kogan, “Ali-Baba and Forty Thieves” by V. Smekhov, “Peter Pan” by J. Barrie, “Blue Bird” by M. Meterling, “White Cherry Ballad” by S. Klimov, and others. There are new plays: “Duymovochka”, “Krysolov”, “Surprise”, “Holstomer” (for adults). The seat of the “Belarusian centre UNIMA” is located in the theatre building.

The theatre successfully tours in Germany, Poland, Moldavia, Russia, the Ukraine, and France and participates in different international theatre festivals. In addition, the theatre is the initiator and one of the organizers of the International Theatre Festival “Belaya Vezha”. At 2005 the Festival “Belaya Vezha” will be hold for the tenth time.

Public Institution «Brest regional philharmonic»

(224005 Brest, Ordzhonikidze Str., 14)

Director: Igor Mihailovich Rubackij   Tel.: +375 162 23-42-77

The philharmonic was established at 1986 on the base of the concert-touring branch of the Belarusian State Philharmonic in the Brest region. At the present time the philharmonic doesn’t have the stationary concert hall.

Principal art groups of the philharmonic are chamber orchestra directed by A. Martynenko, ancient music group “Contredanse” by A. Bondar, chamber-instrumental ensemble of modern music “Evergrin” by V. Malganov, popular instruments ensemble by A. Gornovski.

Culture Establishment «Brest Regional Film-Video Association»

(Sovietskaya Str., 62), Tel.: +375 162 21-28-77,

General director: Viacheslav Valerjevich Shahlevich. Tel: +375 162 21-28-61

Brest Regional Film -Video Association includes culture establishments “Baranovichi Film-Video Distribution”, tel.: +375 163 47-13-30 and “Pinsk Film-Video Distribution”, tel. +375 165 33-08-91.

Main activity:

  • acquisition and distribution of video films;
  • organization of film service for the population of the region.

At present 222 film projectors including 23 municipal cinemas and 50 video arrangements are occupied with the film-video service of population. At a big hall of cinema “Belarus” (Brest) and “Pobeda” (Pinsk) are equipped with the sound-reproducing system in the standard “Dolbi-stereo”. Work of 98 video rental agencies, 73 of them - in a countryside, 30 cinema traveling, 97 cinema clubs and cinema public lectures are organized. At 2004 counts 870,4 thousand of visitors, including 660,8 thousand children, 15 new feature films and 1380 video films are bought up. At present the Regional Film Fund counts 5,3 thousand feature films, 7,8 thousand news-reel documentaries and popular-science films, 7,3 thousand video films.

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