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Especially protected natural territories and nature sanctuaries

According to the Plan of rational accommodation of especially protected natural territories in the region to the date of January, 1, 2006 the area of especially protected territories has made 456,2 thousand he or 14 % from the general area of the region. During the period from 2002 to 2005 years the area of especially protected territories of the region has increased from 12,4 % up to 14 %.

With a view of preservation of a biological and landscape variety are registered on the books about 600 places of habitation and vegetation of 77 rare kinds of animals and plants brought in the Red book of the Republic Belarus. 48 reserves of republican and local importance are created in the region, 72 objects are declared by nature sanctuaries of republican and local importance.

In 2005 year institutions of reserve administration of republican importance are created: "Zvanets", "Sporovskij", "Pribuzhskoje Polesje", "Middle Pripjat", "Olmany morass", "Prostyr", "Vygonoschanskoje", "Ruzhany virgin forest" and "Luninskij" with the purpose of development of tourist branch of the region.

Brest region has unique natural and genetic potential. The national park "Belovezhskaja puscha" is included in a world network of biosphere reserves, and also in the List of the World cultural and natural heritage of UNESCO. In the international Ramsar list of water-marsh grounds, having the international value, are included territories of reserves of republican value "Zvanets", "Sporovskij" "Middle Pripjat", "Olmany morass".

In the year 2003 in the Brest district is created the landscape republican reserve "Pribuzhskoje Polesje", in October, 2004 the reserve has received the status of UNESCO biosphere reserve. The reserve in near prospect should become the Belarusian part of transborder biosphere reserve "Western Polesje", uniting contiguous territories of the Ukraine, Poland and Belarus.

Scientific substantiations on creation of republican reserves "Orehovskij" in Malorita district and "Borskij" in Ivatsevichy district are made ready in 2005.

By the Decision of Council of Ministers of the RB № 1434 from December, 13, 2005 the republican hydrological reserve "Podvelikij mokh" is created in Gantsevichy district for preservation in a natural condition unique forests-marsh complex with populations of rare kinds of plants and wild animals included in the Red book of the Republic of Belarus.

Among the nature sanctuaries are 22 ancient parks. They are located basically on the territories of former manors. Their artificial origin, purposeful conducting of park economy in the past has caused the big ecological value now. They are of interest from the floristic and faunistic side. Duration of existence was caused with favorable conditions for growth of rare and disappearing kinds of plants and animals. On the territory of the Brest region grow unique copies of century oaks which have not only aesthetic, historical, cultural - cognitive value, but also the big scientific value.
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