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Bison Bison The Brest region, or as it’s also called Brestchina or Berestejschina, is located in the southwest of Belarus in the basin of the Zapadnyj Bug, the Neman and the Dnepr rivers. The area of the region makes up 32,8 thousand km 2. From the west to the east the area streches for 300 km, from the north to the south - for 166 km.

The region is located in a moderate climatic zone which is most populated and economically developed. The important railway, river and air communications connecting the Western Europe with Russia and the Baltic States with the Ukraine and the south of Europe pass through the territory of the Brest region. Besides the Brest region is situated in the center of Polesje, a huge marsh land located in the center of Europe, which makes a considerable influence on the formation of the European climate and hydrological regime. In general marsh lands accumulate a huge quantity of water and heat that softens and makes a climate favorable for life of animals and human being. The marshes improve gaseous structure of the atmosphere and are considered to be a peculiar filter where waters are in pure natural condition. Therefore the marshes of Polesye are of great value for researches as it’s a place of concentration of rare kinds of plants and animals that are inscribed not only in the Red book of Belarus, but also in national Red books of other European countries.

The Brest region is a land of beautiful nature, the percularity of which is predominating of water and marsh ecotopes: open lowland bogs, lakes and rivers, with high above-water vegetation, water-meadows and osier-bed bushes.
Герб Брестской области