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Information field of the region

Governmental information space of Brest region is represented by two regional newspapers «Zarya» (daily drawing is more than 17 000 copies) and «Narodnaya tribuna» ( daily drawing more than 11000 copies), two municipal and one united and by 15 regional newspapers (drawing 132 000 copies). The periodicity of newspaper outlet 2-3 times a week. The subscription drawing of governmental newspapers is more than 142 thousand copies. Are published 2 state magazines: «Vestnik of Brest state university named after A.S. Pushkin», «Vestnik of Brest polytechnic university». On the territory of the region function 16 editorials of local broadcasting, 5 state tvstations and 2 FM-stations.

Private press is represented by 29 newspapers, 11 from them have mass- politic character and 2 magazines. The periodicity of outlet of newspapers is 1-2 times a week and daily drawing is 93 670 thousand copies. On the territory of Brest region function 3 private tvstations and 27 cable operators.
Герб Брестской области