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Excursions to the ostrich’ farm (Kobrin district) are organised for amateurs of exotic animals

Nearby the town of Kobrin the massive farm, where the exotic birds – ostriches are raised, is situated at the picturesque corner. The owner of the farm is the Joint Belarusian-Polish Venture «PM & Company», that was organised in the year 2003 for raising of the Black African ostrich with a complete cycle of raising, including eggs' hatching, growing of a young stock and birds’ killing for receipt of meat and leather. The planned capacity of the ostrich' farm makes 1000 heads annually. During the farm existence the ostriches laid more than 1500 eggs by a middle-weight 1,5 kg. There are 72 animal units of the parental livestock, 140 animal units at the age more than 1 year and more than 500 nestlings at the age of 1 till 5 months at the farm today.

The conditions of keeping of these wonderful birds at the farm are brought into proximity with the nature. And notwithstanding the Belarusian climate differs from the native African greatly, the ostriches feel perfectly and bear well our winters, promenading on the snow.

During the excursion visitors of the ostrich' farm could taste and buy the ostrich' meat, which is distinguished by a tenderness and a magnificent taste; the ostrich' egg surprises with its size and the ostrich' flags ornamented the hats of coquettish ladies in times past. Also the painted ostrich' eggs are the true works of art and could be a worthy adornment of a dwelling or a good present which suits to any festivity.

Since July, 1, 2007 the caf? for 50 places is opened here.

Additional information about the ostrich' farm you can get, or at the phone numbers: (+375 1642) 732-21, (+375 296) 316-316, (+375 297) 252-000.
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