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Agroecotourism (agricultural and ecological tourism) develops dynamically in Brest region. Country estates offer outdoor recreation with an opportunity to learn about traditional country life. Apart from comfortable and well-furnished country house and national cuisine, one can enjoy horse riding, sauna and bath, fishing and hunting, get acquainted with folk crafts and take part in folk fests.

At present, 42 subjects in the sphere of agricultural and ecological tourism (agroecotourism) are registered in the region. The agroecotourism public council of the Entrepreneur's Union of Brest region was created in order to work out proposals of establishing agroecotourist standards and to improve the collaboration of the subjects of agroecotourism with travel companies.

Since year 2007 the following events have been carried out: a festival in town Vysokoye "The Star of Vysokoe Shines to All", during which an advertising film with the same title about agroecotourism in the region was issued by the broadcasting company "Brest"; an international bicycle tour "Through Green Passages of Europe" passing regional country estates; two regional trainings in agroecotourism. A seminar within the frame of presentation of tourist recourses of the region "Tourism. Summer 2008" , an advertising tour "Green Routs of Brest Region" for German Green League were held in 2008.

A catalogue of country estates "Rural tourism in Brest region" was published.

Since September 2007 the JSC "Belagroprombank" together with district executive committees has been executing the Programme of preferential credits for the projects in the sphere of agroecotourism. As for today the working groups of district executive committees has considered and approved 23 projects. The JSC "Belagroprombank" departments have accepted 23 projects for the total sum of 932.15 million rubles and have accommodated 755.8 million rubles.

Creation of tourist zones: 5 tourist zones have been created in the region. the Republican unitary enterprise "Belniipgradostroitelstvo" (Belarusian city planning) made and handed over to the Department for physical culture, sport and tourism of the regional executive committee general development schemes of the tourists zones "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" and "Pinsk Polessye". A contract for making of general schemes of the tourists zones: "Telekhanskaya", "Brest-Baranovichi-border of the region" and "Beloye lake of the "Euroregion "Bug" will be concluded in 2008. 311 million roubles from the regional budget were made available for 2008 to the district executive committees for financing of tourist services development within tourist zones.

Much attention is drawn to the creation of a new system of tourist markers. Instead of old signs on international, republican and local roads 83 "Landmark" signs and direction signs, 23 information shields and billboards have been fixed already.

For 2006-2007 fourty six booklets, guidebooks, photo albums, two CDs "Tourist Brest Region" and "Sports Brest" were issued. A catalogue of 9 investment offers in the sphere of tourism was published. Calendars "12 tourist routs of Brest region", a presentation booklet "Discover Brest Region" in Russian, Polish and English languages, 2 presentation booklets about nature reserves of the republican significance "Vygoshchanskoye" and "Ruzhanskaya Pushcha" in Russian and English languages, a list of obligatory and recommendable excursions for students in accordance with state educational programmmes were published in year 2008. CDs about Brest region in Russian and German languages were issued.

Delegations of the region on regular basis conduct presentations of tourist routs at international expositions in Minsk, Moscow, Kiev, Warsaw, Poznan, Bielostok and other cities. In 2008 they took part in four international tourist expositions: Berlin , March 5-10, Lublin ( Poland ), March 29-31, Minsk , April 9-10 and St. Petersburg , April 10-11; in the First Economic Forum in Gainuvka on June 19-20. On May 23- 24 in Brest a presentation of tourist recourses of the region was held.

Pruzhany and Kamenets district executive committees together with polish partners issued the directories within the frame of Euroregion "Belovezhskaya Pushcha".

Four films on tourist topic were made by the television and radio broadcasting company " Brest ". Tourist columns were created in newspapers "Zarya" and "Vecherniy Brest". Publications about Brest region are issued on regular basis in the republican newspapers "Tourism i otdyh", "Narodnaya tribuna".

For January – June, 2008 the paid tourists-excursion services were rendered to people to the amount of 6274.4 million rubles. That made possible to reach growth rates in comparable prices to the similar period of the last year 150.1% by the plan 146%.

On results of 6 months of 2008:

  • Export of tourists services made: 2809.5 (thousand US-dollars), growth rate 251.4%;
  • Import of tourists services: 1524.9 (thousand US-dollars), growth rate 174.5%;
  • Amount balance: 1284.6 (thousand US-dollars).
Since year 2007 the following objects of tourist infrastructure were opened:

  • Caf? in Brest in the Centre of Olympic reserve on rowing;
  • Mini-caf? along the highway М 10 in Pinsk district as a part of petrol station №76;
  • Caf? in village Berezovka of Baranovichi district;
  • Mini-caf? in village Ostrovok of Ivanovo district;
  • Reconstruction of the caf? "Suzorye" in Ivatsevichi district is made;
  • Reconstruction of a shop to a caf? is made in Baranovichi district in village Novy Svet along the highway М 1/ Е 30 as a part of petrol station №29;
  • Caf? at the ostrich farm in village Kozishche of Kobrin district;
  • Hotel in Brest in the Centre of Olympic reserve on rowing;
  • Restaurant "Raduga" in town Zhabinka (reconstruction);
  • Object of a roadside service, including: a shop, a car wash, a caf? and a hotel in village Posenichi of Pinsk district, along the highway М -10 Russia Federation - Gomel - Kobrin, 419 km ;
  • Hotel for 30 berths, a stadium with an artificial turf, a sports gym and a swimming-pool ( 25 metres ) in village Tomashovka of Brest district;
  • Ice Palace in town Pruzhany with gyms and choreographical rooms, sports grounds and a caf? for 20 seats.
  • Museum of folk crafts "Bezdezhsky bib" (reconstruction);
  • Hotel in town Drogichin (reconstruction);
  • Hotel in town Stolin (reconstruction).
In order to improve services quality in the sphere of hunting and fishing tourism the OJSC "Variant" opened a hotel for 10 berths in village Novoselki of Bereza district. 2 hunting houses were built near reservoir Selets in a forestland.

Since June of year 2007 the Private Unitary Enterprise "Health improvement centre "Solnechny" (village Volki, Brest district, 106 berths) began its activity.

In village Tyukhinichi of Brest district was opened the first order of services' complex "Korchma" (the Unitary Enterprise "Belstroy") – country estate "Rynkovka".
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